Everything About Shoes

We are a family with big feet. Seriously. I wear size 11 shoes, my husband wears an 11, my daughter who is only four, wears size 12 and my son, who is only 9, wears an 8. We actually buy shoes more often than clothes because we wear them down to their early death all the time. Add to our big feet is the fact that three of us, except my husband, are flat-footed. So we need form-fitting shoes that are of high quality but doesn’t sacrifice fashion and style. Shoes with those criteria are hard to find and if we do find shoes that fit all of our standards, it can get quite pricey. It is a good thing that I have discovered the value and wisdom of online shopping – I can scout for shoes, even boys sandals for my nephew, without having to pay for my gasoline and food while I go to the malls.

Have you ever wondered how to fit your kid’s feet correctly? At Start-rite, they share a video on how to correctly measure your children’s shoe size.I have done this so I can buy shoes for them online and do not need to carry them along when I buy shoes at the mall.

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