Water is a basic need for all of us. I know we can survive without electricity but not without water, that is a health fact. Water, in its pure form, is supposed to be clean. Unfortunately, with how pollution is these days not to mention the rusty and faulty sewerage system and pipe lines, water coming out from our faucets are not even potable to drink. It is very depressing that water that should be free for everyone now needs to be bought so that people can be assured that what they are drinking is CLEAN water – distilled water bottles, water filters, etc.

imageThere are water filter pitchers sold at www.friendsofwater.com. The picture you see on the left has been sold on the site since July this year. The remarkable feature of this water filter pitcher is its ability to significantly reduce fluoride, they use a newer advance in water filter material that is highly effective for the full range of contaminants. This filtration system has been independently tested numerous times around the world.

It can filter out up to 150 gallons before you need to replace its filters. Water filter pitcher manufacturers estimate about 20 gallons of use per month for pitchers. This suggests a replacement filter every 6 months. But of course it depends upon how much it needs to filter from your water and how much you use it.

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