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I am an atypical woman, I’ve got to admit. I don’t really get excited with new clothes. I hate shopping at the malls and prefer to do my own shopping online. I don’t really collect designer shoes, bags or clothes (but honestly I think I can change my mind if I were richer!) but I save and pinch pennies to be able to get the latest gadgets out in the market. I also love books. Nothing gives me a better high than smelling the leaves of a newly purchased paperback or after reading a nice good book. Unfortunately, buying books as often I can read them (around three a week if I am not busy) would be bad for my pockets too. It’s a good thing I came across

Book rentals have never been easier with Rent book programs provide a hefty subscription fee to become a member but You get a customized plan, depending on the number of books you can read in a month. Once you sign up, you can add books to your queue and once it reaches the number of your plan, they get shipped to you for free. Once you are done – and no, you don’t have a deadline! – you just ship them back using the envelope they give you and it ships for free. And then you get another set of books, even Audio books on cd. They recommend members to have books on queue so it gets shipped once they receive notice that the current reading list is being returned!

Paperback books are shipped 2-3 books per order via Media Mail and should arrive within 5-10 business days. Paperback book members must return the same number of books they receive in order for the next order to generate properly. Audiobooks are shipped in their entirety, one title per order via First Class mail and should arrive within 2-5 business days.

2 Things to Look For in an Austin Lawyer

Getting into an accident can be very stressful and trying. Because of this, it is very important to hire a competent Austin injury lawyer if you got into an accident in Austin. The Sharp Firm is the place where you can find a highly competent Austin car accident lawyer for example. Whether you need an Austin personal injury lawyer or an accident lawyer, below are two of the things that you will surely want in your lawyer.

  • Experienced. It is very important that the lawyer has experience in the type of the case you are involved in. The lawyers at The Sharp Firm have extensive experience in auto accidents, wrongful death, motorcycle accidents, daycare injury, construction accidents, and other personal injury and accident cases. Being experienced in trials like the lawyers at The Sharp Firm is also a great thing to look for because having a lawyer who is prepared to bring your case to trial can relieve a lot of stress.
  • Excellent Customer Service. Aside from experience and expertise, you would want to be treated in a professional manner always. At the Sharp Firm, their years practicing in the field of law have taught them the importance of customer service. They give their clients the benefits of having a whole team of lawyers working on their cases.

Business Must: Seamless Conference Calls

A friend of mine is currently on an offshore assignment. The company she works for sent her to another country so that she could directly work with the client. However, she does not have her team with her. Instead, they have to frequently and regularly make Conference calls to discuss details of the project. Being the project leader, she recognizes how important it is that she and her team have access to excellent and seamless Audio conferencing. According to her, they often have to discuss a lot of delicate details and an Audio conference could last for hours so there has to be high voice quality to make sure that everything and everyone is clearly heard.

The Conference Group offers audio conferencing, web conferencing, and video conferencing services to many very satisfied customers. They have been around since 1999 and they could easily customize their services based on your business needs. Their audio conferencing services come with a wide range of features that are very useful. It does not matter where in the world the involved parties are because their clients can be assured of high voice quality even with thousands of miles between the involved parties.

My friend is extremely grateful for services like these because they have made business dealings all over the world so much easier and convenient. They allow her to go to different countries and do her work without compromising quality.

Mold Test Kit for Your Home, School, or Office

Many people think that health problems nowadays are more prevalent especially with the numerous contaminants around us. One thing that may seem harmless to some people but is actually hazardous to our health is mold. Mold contamination in your home, school, or office may cause some health problems if left untreated. Among the health problems which have been related to mold contamination are asthma, fibromyalgia, migraine, rhinosinusitis, allergies, chronic sinusitis, chronic fatigue syndrome, headaches, irritable bowel syndrome, and many more.

Unfortunately, mold is undetected in a lot of homes, schools, or offices. The best way to find out if there is an indoor mold contamination is by a mold test. is the website to go to if you need help from mold experts. Not only do they sell mold test kits that are easy to use, their website is also a treasure trove of information when it comes to mold. They have everything you need to know if you suspect that you have molds that are hidden behind your walls. After learning about molds, it would be best if you get a mold test kit you can use to check if your home, school, or office has a mold contamination. could give you the results and your mold test analysis in as little as seven days. If the test showed a positive result for mold then they also provide you with recommendations to be able to solve your mold problem.

Arizona Air Conditioning to Beat the Summer Heat

Air conditioning is a very important tool against the heat during the summer. My friend’s kids suffered from skin allergies during the summer. The sweat and dirt on their skin caused an allergic reaction which is why they would often use their air conditioner round the clock. According to her, always having air conditioning is a must now for her kids to prevent a recurrence of their skin allergies. Even now that summer is over for us, they still constantly use their air conditioner.

In Arizona, summer is still not yet over and Arizona air conditioning is also a must for many people because of the heat. Times like these, a lot of people are looking for Arizona air conditioning service as well because of air conditioners needing repairs or maintenance. Jay’s Comfort Team is an Arizona heating and cooling specialist who can provide you fast service that will guarantee your satisfaction. Even when it is not summer, it is important to have your air conditioning regularly checked and maintained. My friend, aside from purchasing another air conditioning unit when they found out about her kids’ allergies, also has scheduled for the regular cleaning and checking of their air conditioning units to prevent repairs. For them and a lot of people who could not bear the summer heat, air conditioning is necessary.

Invest before Splurging

Before you think about getting the next designer bag or $700 designer shoes, think about investing the amount you would normally spend in jewelry – the real kind, with gold and stones. Jewelry is always a nice investment because its material – gold – has long been recognized as one of the most precious metals in the world. It has never depreciated over time and is very liquid. When times get rough, you can always sell it and it will always have a buyer. If you get serious in investing on gold, you can buy them as gold coins at the US Gold Bureau.