Pink October: The Breast Cancer Awareness Month

October is just around the corner and we will be seeing a lot of Pink Ribbons once again. Breast cancer is one of the most treatable types of cancer if detected early, and for easier recall, it is now associated with a pink ribbon like the one you see in the picture. This is why spreading information about the disease is very important. Everyone should know their risk of developing the disease and how to check for symptoms so that proper intervention is given.

In support of the Breast Cancer Awareness Month, is selling Breast Cancer Awareness merchandise like mugs, t-shirts, pens, bags, sport bottles, planners, key chains, calendars, bracelets, pins, and many more. Despite the noble idea of spreading awareness for breast cancer through these merchandises, some people actually think that selling fundraising products for businesses is exploitative. However, a lot of businesses who like to show their support for this advocacy find it very convenient to do so by distributing these merchandises to employees, clients, and customers. Aside from selling these merchandises, is also having a contest among customers by asking them to share their stories. More details about the contest are available at their website.

Regardless of the arguments of those who are against selling such items, what is important is that awareness for breast cancer is increased not just during the month of October but for every month of the year.