What to Wear on Cruise Holidays

The holidays are fast approaching and some of the most popular activities during holidays are cruises. Going on cruise holidays is like going to one big party because most cruise ships almost always have a lively night life. Hence, one of the most difficult things you have to do before going on a cruise is packing. Every woman would mull over what to pack because whatever clothes you pack are the only clothes you would wear.

First of all, check your cruise documents about any dress code they may have. Most cruise ships have nightly dress codes which you should follow. The dress code often falls under one of three categories: casual, informal, or formal. Hence, make sure that you bring a few pieces of clothing that would match each dress code category. If your cruise does not set any dress code, it would still be wise to pack at least one piece of clothing for each dress code category.

For casual wear, bring clothes that you are comfortable in. If the cruise will be visiting beaches or there’s a pool onboard, make sure to pack a swimwear, a cover-up, and a pair of sandals. For formal wear, a simple cocktail dress would suffice if you are not comfortable bringing and wearing an elaborate gown.

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