Pretty Car: Chevrolet Impala

chevrolet impala

If there is one car I love, it would be the Chevrolet Impala. I am a gal who can live in the 50-70s era and this car was a hit during these years. These days, these cars are considered vintage, classic and very expensive – something car collectors would love to have. I just checked how much maintenance costs will be with an Impala and thanks to, I now know!

Chevrolet Impala repair costs are not that high anymore. With, you can get free estimates on the maintenance and repair of vehicles. You just need the car brand, model, year manufactured, a zip code where you will be needing repairs and the type pf repair you need.

Here is an example. I typed in Chevrolet Impala, year 200 needing a 60,000 mile service maintenance (an automatic transmission car) – I checked in a zip code in IL and it even came up with a map!

Sell Jewelry and other Auctions

Going for an auction is a lot of fun because you get to sell things and buy new ones at the same time. There ‘s a wide variety of items that’s very interesting to look at an event like this, but the most interesting of all are military rifles for sale, jewelries, coins, and real estate.

These military auctions would be very knowledgeable and an unforgettable experience since it achieves the highest possible bids compared to other items. The crowd heats up and it gives much attention to people, especially for those in the military service.

Those who sell jewelry is also fun to participate in. From simple to elegant designs, the prices range in a very extravagant cost. Auctioneers and appraisers from across the world will travel to the place directly in order to attend to the said event. Otherwise, they can also opt to be an absentee bidder.

These affiliated auction program work hard to ensure that your items are brought and delivered quickly. Their events are advertised locally and internationally in all kinds of media available. They aim to give the best service for both the auctioneers’ and bidders’ satisfaction.

They say that joining auction events will increase your capabilities on marketing skills. I’m sure it will be a good experience for you, too.



If you are looking for cool and funky t-shirts for your man, rocawear shirts are considered to be a good option. It offers clothing apparel from shirts, jeans, bottoms and shorts and shoes so whatever you man needs, Rocawear would likely have options for you to choose from. This would be perfect for my nephews who I have noticed wear these kinds of clothes.

How to Buy and Style Thermal Clothing

The change in weather should not be a hindrance to being fashionable. I know we should also not sacrifice comfort over fashion. We should find a balance. This is why thermal clothing is essential during the colder months for one to be fashionably dressed and yet still be able to stay warm. So you can say that thermal clothing should be a staple in everyone’s wardrobe.

Here are some tips on how to buy thermal clothes:

1 Determine what thickness or “weight” to buy, depending on conditions and activity: the colder the temperature and the less activity you’ll be engaged in, the thicker the underwear.

2 Look for material that captures moisture and dries quickly.

3 Ask about odor retention. Thermal clothes would be like your second skin so it would be best for it to have odor retention properties.

4 Find materials that are easy to care for – that is, those that are machine-washable and, preferably, machine-dryable. Test for those which do not shrink easily.

Once you have bought your thermal clothes, here are some tips on how to wear and style them:

Cover Up. Thermal clothes are basically worn under your normal clothes. This is why they should fit like a second skin.

Mix and Match. Thermal clothes need not be worn under clothes all the time though. You can use them as a shirt or cardigan. This is why thermal clothing needs to be made of great material and be presentable.

Accessorize. Wear your thermal wear with a contrasting colored scarf, necklace, earrings or belt, it will surely make a big difference. They would not even know it was thermal clothing!

Plus-Sized Lingerie

plus size lingerieplus size chemise

Honestly, I’d prefer to call it full figure lingerie instead of plus-sized lingerie. But for full-figured women, do not lose hope! Sexiness is all in the mind. If you feel sexy, you are sexy! And thankfully, there is Lingerie Diva to help you look like one! They offer chemises, teddies, babydolls, bustiers, corsets and just about every lingerie there is that is available for skinny women.

How to Shop for Wholesale Costume Jewelry


I love how accessories have become affordable these days. Whereas before you would not be able to acquire some jewelry without a hefty price tag, you can now get some designer-inspired and fashion pieces through wholesale costume jewelry sites.

You can use rhinestone jewelry for special dates with your significant other or for parties. For themed parties, there are costume jewelry necklaces available that can complete your costume. You just need to look for a great web site that would offer you great pieces at a lower price.


Here are some pieces available at


This jeweled heart necklace and earring set is breathtaking! The Multi-chain necklace is 18" in length.  The elegant "BeJewelled" Heart Pendant measures 2.5" in length and 1.75" in width.  The Silvertone chain is a beautiful compliment to the ornate jewels surrounding this heart pendant. The Matching Earrings dangle 1.25" in length and .75" in width. Elegant and beautiful, this is a must have!  Very Upscale Necklace!


This is a beautiful ring!  You will love the clarity and depth of the Olivine CZ stone!  Expert craftsman ship is seen throughout the fine quality of this ring.  We love the petite hearts at the corners of the square.  This two-tone rhodium plated ring is sure to be a favorite in your CZ collection.  The CZ measures .5 inches square.  Absolutely beautiful!

Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas

My husband and I are celebrating our 6th year wedding anniversary in exactly a week and I still have no gift for him. Inasmuch as I want us to go on a trip, we are flying out for a trip in two months so it would be wiser for us to stay put.

However, for our 10 year anniversary gift, I wouldn’t take any less than a diamond and a travel trip somewhere. A girl can dream, right?


Angelina Jolie Core Values Louis Vuitton Ad Campaign


The Core Values campaign pictures Angelina Jolie sitting barefoot in a traditional wooden boat in the luxuriant, watery landscape of Siem Reap province. Next to her is a vintage Louis Vuitton Alto holdall in Monogram canvas, a bag the actress has owned and loved for many years. The tagline reads: “A single journey can change the course of a life. Cambodia, May 2011.”

angeline jolie new LV campaign

Louis Vuitton has released the first image of their new campaign featuring Angelina Jolie. The ad, taken by famous photographer Annie Liebovitz, was shot on location in Cambodia, where Jolie filmed Tomb Raider and adopted her first son Maddox. The ad has significant meaning for her, because in addition to the location, she is using an LV bag she personally owned for many years already (and bag that has been since discontinued). Some sites claims Jolie is also without make-up in the ad, a claim I will not believe because really now, she doesn’t have eye make-up there? (Take a look!). Clearly, it is like comparing refurbished computers with new ones, claiming they are brand new.