Tips for Good Facebook Covers

For those who have a Facebook account, which is almost everyone nowadays, the new timeline format is something that you either like or do not want for yourself. However, whether you like it or not the timeline format is supposedly here to stay. The best thing you can do is to make your own FB profile look good with the timeline format.

When looking at someone’s profile in timeline format, the first thing you will notice is the cover photo. You already probably have favorites among the many Facebook timeline covers of your friends. Also sometimes called as Facebooks banners, these images are the biggest and the first thing you will see in someone’s timeline so it is important to put one that is interesting while reflecting your personality at the same time. Below are some tips to help you come up with good Facebook profile covers.

· Size matters. The size of the images you will put on your Facebook banner matters. Make sure that the images have the proper dimension and that they are not distorted with resizing.
· Show your interests. Your Facebook profile should be a reflection of you so your timeline cover should be able to capture the essence of you. This can be difficult to do since you are limited by a very small area so you can choose to highlight just a few of the most important aspects of your life.
· Be creative. Think of your Facebook timeline cover as a magazine cover. It should be interesting and eye-catching. Let your creative juices flow and learn a few Photoshop skills to help you achieve a good Facebook cover.