A lot of people have their own hobbies and interests that encourage them to collect stuff. While some people collect coins, stamps, action figures, caps, designer bags, and other usual everyday items, there are some people whose interests lie in various kinds of swords.

If you are one of these people or you are one of those thinking of collecting swords, then will surely be a site that you will frequently visit. This site offers a wide selection of swords such as movie swords, anime swords, medieval swords, and fantasy swords, among others. You can also find battle axes, throwing knives, shields, helmets, and armor. Even if you do not want to collect them, you might find yourself needing a samurai sword one of these days for a party or a costume.

The site is very simple and the top-fold is actually not very indicative of the range of replicas of dangerous weapons that you can find in the site. However, just a few clicks on your down button will reveal images of knives, battle axes, swords, and many more. The effect is a bit of pleasant surprise because the white and blue light theme does not suggest anything dark or sinister about the site. The overall effect is totally appropriate because it brings a wholesome air to an otherwise scary and dangerous set of merchandise.

After the initial surprise, you can easily navigate through the site using the category list on the left sidebar or the links on the header. Whether you are interested in actually buying one of the products at or not, browsing through the site is a pleasant and amusing experience.

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