New Preggo Hollywood Mommies


Shall we be expecting some gorgeous babies on baby announcements in 9 months to the day (or less?) Paparazzi web blogs have been saying that Jennifer Garner and Gwen Stefani are pregnant again, both of them with their child. They posted pictures of suspicious baby bumps (which if you ask me can just be bloat). Neither of them have publicly confirmed it, but it is nice to know that Hollywood is making babies left and right with marriages still intact. Let’s hope they don’t divorce ten years down the road.

Gwen Stefani’s suspicious baby bump.
Jennifer Garner – pregnant again?

Stunning Pregnant Celebrities

I havent gotten over Gisele’s post pregnancy body so I looked for pregnant celebrities hoping I might catch them at their worst – no such luck. I am sure they took care of themselves pretty well, watching what they eat, exercising as long as allowed by their doctors and drinking their prenatal vitamins religiously.

image image image image

And can I just give a special mention to this hot mama of four(?) spaced two years apart. She walked down the runway of Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show at 5 weeks postpartum. Whoa!