Essential Hair Salon Furniture You Would Need in Setting Up a Parlor Business

When setting up your own salon or parlor, you would need to invest on good pieces of hair salon furniture. Your business would greatly depend on your stylists and the ambiance of your salon. There are a lot of things to consider when buying one:

1. Space
Before selecting the types of furniture for your salon, you need to consider the space available. Your decision should also be based on the number of employees you plan to have and how the salon is going to be set up. You need to measure up what space you have and what the ideal workstations and shampoo basins it will allow.

2. Comfort
From when they enter your front door, you will want you customers to enjoy sitting in very comfortable and stylish furniture both in the waiting area and while having their hair done. Your customers can be in salon styling chairs for a long time so clearly these need to be comfortable. A Pedicure chair is essential too, both for your manicurist and client.

3. Style and Color of the Furniture Pieces
Try to have your furniture blend in with the image your salon is presenting. Make sure your reception area is impressive. First impression always lasts.

Here is a start up guide on what items you need:
1. Hair styling stations. It could consist of extension drawers, glass retail shelves, fluorescent lights, coordinating mirrors, and storage cabinet. It may have power strips, holder for curling irons, blow dryer and clipper pockets.
2. Shampoo chairs
3. Reception Desk

Hair salon furniture can be easily found if you know where to look. You don’t necessarily have to break the bank to do it. Just start your looking early enough so that you don’t put yourself in a bind where you have to settle for a higher price and lesser quality.

Spa filter cartridges for your Spa business

As summer is felt by most of the parts of the world today, swimming pools are very usable and most of the people spend more time under the water than doing other tasks. Well, it is always known that spa and pool owners usually faced the problems in keeping their water crystal clear for their guests. If water is clean, many guests are attracted to swim in your pool, thus more income for your business. This problem had seen by, they specialize with the products used to maintain the cleanliness of swimming pools and spa water. In fact, by simply browsing their website, you’ll be educated on how to maintain your water clean and clear. The replacement spa filter is a necessary method if you think your spa filters do not work properly by now. Or you might need another one so you can change your filter as needed. Water filtration is the first step to make your water clean and clear. If this method is a failure then your guests might find another place to spend their summer weekends. The spa filter cartridges must be checked regularly if it is working well and properly. This is the only way that you can do to remove the dirt from your water. You should have at least two filter cartridges for your spa business because in order for your filter to work functional, you need to clean it for a day and let it dry for one to two days. If your business is a resort, then you need the swimming pool filter cartridges to let your guests enjoy the water and don’t feel irritation due to dirt. No guest will want to stay in water full of dirt and might cause skin rashes. You don’t want to hear complaints right? For all water cleanliness requirements, visit

Make Your Own Spa at Home with a Natural Hot Tub

Imagine coming home to a spa after a hard day’s work. All the stress and tension that have accumulated in your mind and body will easily melt away if you can create a spa-like atmosphere at home. Transforming your home into a spa is not so difficult. All you need to have are relaxing music and oil burners. Play relaxing music whenever you are at home and burn some lavender essential oils to relax yourself. Install dim lights and lamps so you could choose to use them instead of bright fluorescent lamps.

If you want a better spa experience, installing a natural hot tub is a great idea. You can enjoy soaking in warm hot tub water any time you want and immediately feel relaxed and calm. However, you have to maintain it well with hot tub chemicals and regular cleaning to make sure that it does not get contaminated with anything.

Aside from making sure that these things are well-placed in your home, keeping your home clutter-free will do a lot towards making your home a relaxing place. You could even get in-home massage services from time to time to maximize your relaxation. You could sometimes even host small spa parties for your close friends.

A Dallas spa package gift

A friend of mine from Dallas is celebrating her birthday next month. And because she’s kind of a gadget freak herself, I can’t give her electronic stuff since she probably already has the latest ones. Fortunately, I came across a splendid idea while surfing the other day – a I figured since she’s a workaholic, she’d probably love a relaxing break on her birthday.

Besides, there are two other reasons why I’m choosing to give her that as a gift.

First of all, she loves massages. The last time she visited, she couldn’t get enough massage. In fact, we would go to a spa twice a week until she went back to Dallas. And with Dallas spa packages, she would have 8 different massages to choose from. From Thai massage to advanced sports therapy, she can try all sorts of stimulating and relaxing body massages.

Second, Dallas spa packages are not just convenient because you can reserve or get gift certificates online, but they are also very affordable. By combining services, you can get as much as 30% discount or even 50% for every service once you become a member. Even the monthly memberships are available for only 120 dollars.

Bridal Shower Idea: Spa Party

imageAsian Massage can organize spa parties where brides-to-be can chill out and spend their last few moments of singlehood with their closest gal pals. Find out how a spa party works after the jump!

Since 2005, Asian Massage has grown to maintain four massage houses in Malate, Makati, Baguio, and Batangas, and 13 home service branches in major cities around the country. Home service customers can enjoy Asian Massage’s brand of total relaxation as trained masseuses visit you where you are to ensure that your home becomes your private spa.

Round up a minimum of 10 girlfriends, and Asian Massage will turn that home service visit into a bridal spa party! Trained masseuses will go to your appointed place and bring massage beds, massage oils, pillows, and other paraphernalia to give you the complete spa experience. We recommend the Asian Magic Foot Spa (P350) and the Combo Aroma Swedish and Shiatsu Massage (P300) to give your beat-up body some languid love.

If you’d rather bask in the authentic Asian Massage vibe, gather your girls and troop to the charming branch on 573 Nakpil St. cor. Bocobo St. in Malate, Manila. The zen-like atmosphere coupled with Malate’s own rustic charm makes the trip worthwhile.

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